Local Utility Information

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Inside City Outside City
Water Taps $450 $850
Sewer $450 n/a
Gas $450 $850




 The tap fees above are our normal tap fees.  We do have some areas where the water tap fee is higher due to cost of installation of lines so please contact City Hall if you are interested in getting a water tap.


Homeowner's Service Charge: No refund
Water $50
Gas $50

Renter's Service Charge:
Water $150
Gas $150

Renter will receive $75 back per service if their final bill is paid within 30 days of when service is cut off.

Reconnect fee if cutoff for non-payment is:
Inside city $50
Outside city $50

Payment is due by the 20th of each month without penalty.  If not paid by end of month, service will be shutoff and a reconnect fee will apply to get service back on.


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