City of Lobelville Government

state seal conference room

City Hall Hours:  7:30 AM - 4:30 PM  Monday-Friday

Aldermen meeting on the first Tuesday of each month at City Hall at 5:00 PM

2013 Population : 897

Lobelville was originally incorporated in 1957 under the Uniform City Manager-Commission Charter.  However, on July 26, 1983, a referendum was authorized and the voters adopted the Mayor-Aldermanic Charter as set out in Tennessee code, and the first Board of Mayor and Aldermen were elected under the current charter for a two year term on September 9, 1983.  This charter can be downloaded here:


Below is a list of the City officials and employees.  Click on a name, and a contact form is available to contact the staff and officials.   Be sure to answer the simple math question so we know you are a human, and not a robot.  Thank you!

City Hall

Robby J. Moore Mayor
Josh Warren City Alderman
Steve Hester City Alderman
Don Barnette City Alderman
J.B. Trull City Alderman
Cristal Odom City Recorder
Brenda Pace City Clerk
Chris O'Guin Fire Chief
Diane Armstrong Wastewater Manager
Bruce Qualls Water Manager
Dale Odom Public Works Supervisor