Lobelville is proud of the men and women who serve their community with the Lobelville Volunteer Fire Department.   Housed in downtown Lobelville, Engine No. 1 is a 1200 gallon pumper, Engine No. 2 is 1000 gallon pumper, and the Brush Truck is a Hummer which holds 1000 gallons.  

The fire department is undergoing an expansion of their current location, to include the old city hall building.  This will provide them with the space needed to host a monthly fish fry to raise funds to support the Lobelville Fire Department.   More about those fish frys as they start happening.  

The members of the Lobelville Fire Department are proud of their contribution and take pride in their fire department.  The community needs them, and they are happy to serve.  The members are:

  • Chief, Chris O'Guin
  • Assistant Chief, Dale Odom
  • Captain, Jeff Arnold
  • 1st Lt., Devin Wood
  • 2nd Lt., Mickey Armstrong
  • Training Officer, Daniel McCoy
  • Steve Hester
  • Bryce Trull
  • Jay Monroe
  • Jared Hester
  • Jonathan Shrock
  • James Shrock
  • Monroe Miller
  • Mahlon Miller
  • Jeffrey Isaac
  • Wesley Isaac
  • Robbie Graves
  • Trevor Pardue
  • Jonathan Mast
  • Jesse Rogers
  • (Nurse) Carla Arnold
  • Leo Shrock
  • Jonathan Petrovic
  • JB Trull
  • Timmy Trull


Lobelville is a member of the Meriwether Lewis Electric Co-op.  In order to get electricity service to your home or business, please contact:

218 E Main St.
Linden, TN 37096

Phone: (931) 589-2151


Mon - Fri : 9 AM - 4 PM

Saturday-Sunday: CLOSED


Lobelville Elementary School

The Lobelville School supports Kindergarten and Grades 1 through 8.  Beyond the 8th Grade, all students transfer to the Perry County High School in Linden.   Contact the school to find out how to register your child:

96 4th Avenue East
Lobelville, TN  37097



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