The First Sidewalks

The first sidewalks in Lobelville were boards laid out so you could walk down the road when it was muddy. 

Lobelville has come a long ways since then, and going through a sprucing up even now.  Be sure to come to visit us and see what we are doing.

There is a wonderful DVD about the City of Lobelville, created from a slideshow presentation that was compiled and narrated by Mr. Hugh Fisher from old photos and stories of Lobelville.  For many years Mr. Fisher would go to the school and churches in and around Lobelville, and present his program.  Then his projector was so old he could no longer get the parts for it he needed.  The Perry County Historical Society chose to preserve his slideshow on a DVD, and offer it for sale.  Some of the pictures are used here on this website, but the full story is on the DVD, which is available for sale to the public at City Hall, 931-593-2285.