For those of you who have wondered what is happening to the Lobelville Water Plant, it is definitely undergoing a facelift.  All was made possible by a grant from the US Department of Economic Development Administration for $1.52 million and a USDA grant and low interest loan for the City's matching funds of $380,000.   


The improvements include new raw water pumps and intake line, an additional flocculation and sedimentation basin, new chemical feed equipment, new high service pumps, and an expanded clear-well.  A building expansion to provide space for the additional filter, and approximately 5,000 feet of water transmission line are also included in the project.  It will double the plant's current capacity.

Mayor Moore states, "This plant will double our water capabilities which should serve our community for the next 75 years.   We are constantly putting in new taps for residential use, so this is a tremendous improvement for all our residents, as well as our current industry and the future growth of our new industrial park."

The plant improvements are estimated to be completed in early 2018, and will certainly be a great improvement for the whole community.